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Kirsten J

Okay - I had to pop out and tell you - years and years and years ago, I got spooked by Stephen King. All I remember is being petrified to take the garbage out to the dumpster at the apartment we lived in. I was sure something was going to reach out from in there and grab me....and I think I remember that fog story, too. Gotta love SK!


I'm a King fan (I've read all his books).
The story is The Mist from a book of short stories. And there is a movie of it. Movie is pretty good for a King book to movie.

Cool picture, eerie sight. We live in the country and get heavy fog sometimes. I ALWAYS think of that story driving through the fog.

Mr Paulsen

So glad my sidewalks were edged and lawn mowed! Nice Picture!!


Cari...I need to talk to you about a gift idea I have. What is the best way to talk to you?

The vintage wren

Oh wow, we had a heavy fog like that several days ago. I couldn't see the houses across the street from me it was so thick. We are crossing our fingers for snow on Christmas, maybe that was a sign. Love the farmers almanac, wish I had marked my calendar. -Carrie

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