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you & candice---great pair!
both of you have such funky fun talent.
i love this pixie witch...she is amazing. well, actually YOU are amazing!!!

Amanda Willey

The pixie witch is so cool! Had to stop by etsy before leaving a comment to see if I could get one of my very own.
Love your work!


You are brilliant, girl. I love her!!!! I think I'm gonna have a Cari Kraft Halloween:) So glad you are pleased with your partner. I thought you'd make a great pair!


I love your pixie witch! All the cool elements you put together to make this piece--Really creative and fun!


Oh, and I love how you tell about her! You are just too funny!

Candice Carpenter

OMG...that pixie witch is to die for!! ArtsyMama is my new best friend...she hooked me up big time!

mary walmer

Your pixie witch is fantastic-love the sparkly bats!!I am a bat fanatic.


Cari, the Pixie Witch is just a hoot!! Oh I hope there will be one when I get there. Love her so much. Your jigglely thoughts turn out the best creations for us. I can't wait for them to arrive. She's the harbinger of Hoot Time.

jessi nagy

ooh this pixie rocks! so cool.
jessi nagy


Those symptoms sound very similar to my disease! Cari, I'm smitten by your description of said fairy, and the cage she's trapped in! Fantastic work!


okay if I don't get in on the KRAFTY WITCH I'm gonna be miffed you know. Please put me down for one!! Too cute. You know how I am about my black and white! Candace is a peach. She did work in the FoofaLife and she's coming to Silver Bella, too! :)


Love the pixie. Hope they aren't too hard to tame!


Love love love her!!! I WANT ONE!!!


Love your work. I just popped in here through a link and I'm so glad I did. I'll be visiting often.
Have to tell you, that organization thing is genetic. I always say that I am working from an organizational deficit. I come from a long line of disorganized women. My mother, grandmother, sisters and I are all like that. Ideas popping all over the place!

Joy For the Journey

Sarah :)

Sadie Olive

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your pixie witch!

Sadie Olive

P.S. I always miss the swaps too. :) I found that one just a few days too late... And I am sooo bummed I missed out on buying a pixie witch! Looking forward to seeing what you girls create though!


The pixie witch is truly fantastic! Wish I could get one at your etsy store!




I want to catch a pixie witch.

Kimberly Kwan

she is simply fantastic!
you always ROCK halloween, Cari!


Bat dip. Hahahahha!! I love the caged evil witch! Soooo adorable... err.. spooky!


Ohmigosh, she's so cute!!


I just adore you pixie witch!!! Great idea!! I know what you mean about the swaps. I always seem to come across them after they are closed, too!

Pearl Maple

Your pixie witch is too sweet to be scarey. Really enjoyed finding your blog today as you are sharing so many wonderful things.


This is so innovative and just delightful. You have such an amazing talent for 3-D structures. :D

Amanda Willey

I caught one! I caught one! I love her so! Thank you so much for creating this wonderful piece! Can't wait to see the next group flittering about!

Maija Lepore

OMG, I can't believe I received this wonderful pixie witch!!! My husband is totally under her spell - he keeps picking her up and staring into her cage. You never cease to amaze me Cari with the way you bring all your creations to life!! You are a 3-D goddess! Thank you for doing this lovely swap with me!
A Halloween pixie witch fits right into my holiday decor!Thank you darling friend!


I know what you mean about the disjointed creativity spacially swirling in your mind even scetching it out doesn't take care of it sometimes.....I called myself Creativemuse and since then I have even more ideas than I have ever had and more for other people too....

Congrats and the S AND S swap I'm in there too my first blog swap I have done etsy swaps and swapbot but these blog swaps take the cake over swapbot!!! My esty's were very COOL in a totally different way. I adore your pixie witch I will be looking out for her....


Oh God did you sell these already? I so want one. But there's no way to reach me, argh, my filters on AOL are too mean, maybe I can add I wish I knew your email or wasn't up late because I am on pain meds that won't let me sleep for some odd reason. Recently had surgery, then pinched a nerve in my neck, then was tripped by mean demon seed kid at Halloween store, sheesh, and I loooooove children, but this little guy was spooky mean, seriously. Oh well. Hmmm.... you can always get me through Flickr but you need a Flickr account, or Live Journal, but you need a Live Journal account, or, duh, I know, write to me through Etsy. I'm Jacquiscloset there, I bought a few things from you and am looking at more tonight. Your work makes my heart sing. Do you go to Artfest? What groups do you belong to? You just really feel like a kindred spirit to me.

Big Loving Hugs,
(310) 472-3529
jacquiscloset on flickr and etsy

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