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i love the lumina pumpkins. believe it or not, our target & walmart have had them for the last few years.
i really really love the blue pumpkins which are a little harder to find.
but yes, martha has such fab halloween ideas.
you make your "boo" punkins , i'm sure they'll do great!
happy day cari


Yes, yes and yes. You should make them again! I Love these!!! I can't wait to see what you make for Halloween this year, Cari. I also greatly anticipate the Oct. MS Living issue. Should be out in the next few weeks. Woohoo!!!
P.S. Can't stop staring at my new sign!!!

Linda Richter

I love those Boo Pumpkins! I've always loved them. You are NOT alone. You just THINK you are. heehee! Make more!


I adore your white pumpkins...I'd totally buy them.

PS. I found my way over here from Artsymama's blog...I love the sign you made for her vendor space!


I love, love, love my old martha issues. I think you should make more. I've been on the look out for those tiny gourds, too. Kids love carving the "pumpkin faces" into the tiny ones. Thanks for saying God bless the teachers, too~


Such cute stuff. I'm heading over to your etsy right now!

Jenny Rebecca

I would totally buy those white BOO pumpkins!!!


Hello my friend, just checking in to say hello! I'll def. have to check out your shop to see what Halloween goodies you have for sale. Personally I LOVE the idea of the white pumpkins!


What a fun post! I love the Halloween goodies in your etsy, and the white pumpkins look wonderful!


Heather Ales

Boo! I'm so sad I missed out on those fun pumpkins! The one with the stick nose is TOO cute! Oh, and I would definitely purchase some white pumpkins this year! I was afraid I wouldn't be able to find them again - especially after passing on them last year!

Jessica Hood

love your projects!

jennifer Paganelli

It's been way too long ..miss you sooo everything is so it all.Jen

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